Immediate Action Required HB 1502 and HB 1556

Legislative Update

Immediate Action Required

Monday morning at 10:00am, the House Ways and Means Committee will take up two very important bills for 313 Agreements.  They will first hear Deshotel’s HB 1502THIS IS A GOOD BILL.  It simply extends the 313 program through 2032.

The second bill they will hear is Murphy’s HB 1556.  THIS IS A BAD BILL for 313 Agreements.  It takes away ALL Revenue Protection Payments and Supplemental Payments and only offers payments on enrichment pennies.  The result would be a significant decrease in the revenue provided for schools who accept such agreements.  In fact, it takes away nearly all incentives for a district to enter into a 313 Agreement and gives the vast majority of the benefit to the business.  The state also loses revenue under this bill, which will, in turn, affect school districts.

Action Required:

Call your Texas Representative TODAY to voice your support ofHB 1502 and strong opposition to HB 1556.  It will only take you a couple of minutes, but it could be worth millions of dollars to your district.  Consider having your board members make the call, as well.  Representatives listen to board members.