Legislative Update HB 4242-May 27


Despite our best efforts, the Texas Senate did not pass HB 4242 (Meyer).  Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick refused to allow it to even be heard on the Senate floor.  HB 4242 would have extended Chapter 313 of the Texas Tax Code through December 31, 2024, but now the program will sunset on December 31, 2022.  That means that the program will expire before the next legislative session begins.   HB 4242 was the only bill regarding 313 agreements that made it past the House and to the Senate.  No Senate bills addressing 313s even made it out of committee.    Business and industry were our good partners in calling for passage of the bill, but even our collective efforts were not enough for the Lieutenant Governor to bring it to the floor for a vote.

Now what?

It is possible that HB 4242 could get attached to another bill and get through on the back of other legislation that the Senate passes.  If so, that would happen Saturday.   It is also possible that the Senate could hear HB 4242 during the special session planned to address redistricting.  Both scenarios are longshots.

What about agreements we currently have or that are in the works?

The sunset of Chapter 313 will have no effect on any current agreements that you have, and you can continue to enter into new agreements up to the December 31, 2022 deadline.

Thank you all for your efforts.  You rallied when we called, and it made a difference.   Peace to all of you as you get ready for graduation and the summer.  I know you are tired.  Just know that we at TSED appreciate you, collectively and as individuals, and are here for you if you need us.